Das europäische Crowdfunding-Kompetenzzentrum „CrowdfundingHUB“ hat einen neuen Crowdfunding Report veröffentlicht. Für den Report „Current State of Crowdfunding Europe“ wurden 30 europäische Experten befragt. Die Informationen zum deutschen Markt wurden von crowdfunding.de zur Verfügung gestellt.

Die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse auf einen Blick:

• A positive stance from the government, enabling progressive regulation and tax reliefs, correlates with high volumes in the industry.
• There is an urgent call for more transparency and independency for aggregated data and a clear European taxonomy.
• Too much focus on volumes can conceal what is really happening in a country.
• Volumes will continue to grow with high rates and differences between countries will decrease because of new crowdfunding legislation.
• There is a high level of cross border activity from successful platforms.
• Optimism about the potential of alternative finance prevails.

Der „Alternative Finance Maturity Index“

Alternative Finance Maturity Index

Alternative Finance Maturity Index | CrowdfundingHUB 2016